About Ozark Silver Labs

We returned from London and could not be without dogs for long, so we went in search of a chocolate lab, in our search we found the beautiful silvers. We decided to get one, then two. We plan to breed them when Pollyanna reaches about 2 years and has a good OFA certification or better and other testing. Jake will be over 2 years and certified as well. We are new breeders, but conscientious breeders, and have a great partnership with our vet. We have read about breeding labs and all good breeding practices. Our paramount concern is our dogs, they are our family, not just animals to breed. If they are not healthy they will be spayed and/or neutered and remain our pets. We will take full responsibility for all puppies produced by our dogs and if a placement of puppy does not work out, we will always take our puppies back. We are not in any competition with anyone for breeding, this is a responsible effort to breed good tempered and well tested labrador retrievers. We raise well mannered dogs who are canine good citizens. Jake has been to hunt camp and will be tried on ducks this winter. Next year Jake, and possibly Polly, will enter our first Canine Cannonball dock jumping championship. Jake’s grandfather was a Cabella’s dock jumping champ, and Jake LOVES to jump for his bumper. He swims so fast he is almost out of the water. It is what he is made to do.

We love our lab family members and want them to have a great life and be all they can be. We respect that they are dogs, we love the breed, and the individual personality of each dog is unique.

Please follow us and Jake and Pollyanna as they grow up and expand their family and ours.

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