Adolescent Angst

We made it through the first heat cycle with Polly.  It was “hell on a stick” quite honestly.  Between Polly becoming quite a honey badger, she was causing Jake great angst.  He never has accidents in the house but could not help himself in marking the spots Polly had left her scent.  It was quite a time and I am so glad we have survived it.  The experience has made me all too aware that not spaying or neutering your pets is a huge responsibility! As a new breeder and a responsible dog owner we were diligent in our separation tactics.  I am already considering the next occurrence.  I believe we may have to find a puppy vacation for Jake for at least part of the cycle to save all our sanity.  Not breeding? I don’t think quite yet.  We are still discussing it, but I know we will see when it occurs and if we have healthy dogs that are ready to be bread.

About Silver Lab Lady

Life in London was spectacular for the time we were there. We are now living a new adventure at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. We have a house on the lake and two beautiful Silver Labs. We are adjusting to the changes of being empty nesters, and we are enjoying being grandparents. We have started some businesses here and are taking life one day at a time.

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