A Serious Problem

Well, we are not having puppies yet…but we have Ehrlichia. What is Ehrlichiosis? It is a tick borne bacterial disease that can affect both animals and humans.  Our poor Polly had been lethargic and not eating well.  We took her in to the vet to see what was going on. After X-rays and blood work, including a tick panel, she was diagnosed with Ehrlichia.  Her spleen was enlarged and she tested positive for the disease. We love the vets at Lake Pet Hospital in Eldon and they were wonderful again this time. We were sent home with Doxycycline and Pepcid for two weeks and a follow-up appointment.  She will likely have to be on antibiotics for a month.  But at least we caught it early.  It has the propensity to be quite severe if not caught early.

The vet has been very open about the increase in tick disease this year.  Since March there has been a marked increase over other years in the number of infections reported. Missouri is a red state for tick disease, meaning that we are especially high risk due to cases reported.  The main tick responsible for transmitting the disease is the Lone Star tick, it is usually found in the plains states between Texas and Canada.

I am thankful we caught this infection early in Polly and wanted to share the information so others are aware and can understand the threat and symptoms. I will attach some links for further reading.




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Life in London was spectacular for the time we were there. We are now living a new adventure at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. We have a house on the lake and two beautiful Silver Labs. We are adjusting to the changes of being empty nesters, and we are enjoying being grandparents. We have started some businesses here and are taking life one day at a time.

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